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Hi all,  

There has been a report in the media and tabloid press that a video is circulating on Tik-Tok with concerning and explicit content.  The video was taken from a live stream that was first uploaded to Facebook who took it down, but many people had downloaded and shared it. It was then uploaded to Instagram and Tik-Tok and now the original video has also been edited several times by others and that is also being shared.  

We wanted to make you aware of this video circulating and to make you aware of the risks and dangers of apps like Tik-Tok along with the importance on using and setting parental controls and security settings.  

Here are some good links that can help support you with regards to Tik-Tok, you could also check the online safety blog available on the Hurworth school website:  – The link contains information about the app and how to set security settings and parental controls. – Useful and practical information about social media concerns – App guides