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YOLO is the new question and answer app, designed to work through Snapchat, allowing users to ask questions and send messages to each other completely anonymously. Following its release last month, it quickly become the most downloaded app in the world despite minimal...

LIKE (Likee) App

This #WakeUpWednesday we’re talking about LIKE (soon to be rebranded as Likee). Similarly to TikTok, Like is a free video creation and editing app that has a global community of over 200 million users who can create any type of video, add their own special...

Online Grooming

There has been a UK rise in cases of online grooming via social media, you may have seen this on the news today.  Please see the BBC news article below. Instagram and Grooming

Youtube comments

This is a great article related to comments on youtube videos and guidelines/ support for parents: YouTube Comments